Thursday, December 29, 2005

Someone should proofread themself

To all the people out there who has been attempting to find me on the blog I am sorry. However, I did find out what the problem has been (forgot one letter) and if you are interested in reading my earlier post I'll keep up my old site at IndependenPundit, Blogger,com for a few months. Again, sorry if I added to your burden; however, my intention is only to get Americans and the rest of the Citizens in the World to think in a Higher Realm of Thought. So please excuse my mess for the next few months as I attempt to build a Blog Site that will not only make in fun to read, but takes on Both the Left & Right on the Issues of 2006 Mid-term Elections armed only with my unalienable "Common Sense" and the Wisdom of what Our Founding Fathers and Forefathers know about The Laws of Nature & God's Nature.